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About Carolina DockDogs Canine Aquatics Competition Club

About Carolina DockDogs

Carolina DockDogs is a non-profit club. Membership consists of pet owners who adore their dogs and appreciate doing constructive activities with them. We are an inclusive club that welcomes pet owners of any breed type. DockDogs is a dock jumping and dock diving sport for dogs. It is a fast growing and very popular sport in the United States and Canada which has been featured on ESPN and The Outdoor Channel.  DockDogs is open to dogs of all sizes, breeds, and the only age requirement is dogs must be 6 months old. The sport is comprised of the three disciplines below.

Big Air (BA)

This is the event that most often comes to mind when people think DockDogs. Best described as a long jump for dogs, it is the most popular of the three disciplines, and dogs are judged based on how far they jump. A floatable toy or object is thrown into the water and the dogs may use the entire 40 feet of dock to run and jump in the pool. You may NOT push or throw your dog into the pool. Handlers and dogs are given 60 seconds on the dock.  Distance is measured from the end of the dock to where the base of the dogs’ tail enters the water.

Extreme Vertical (EV)

Extreme Vertical is the high jump of DockDogs competition.  First introduced as a training tool for Big Air to teach dogs to jump upward for their toys in order to gain greater distance, it became a competitive discipline in 2005.  An “EV Rig” is used to suspend a floatable bumper in the air.  The bumper is extended 8′ out from the edge of the dock and beginning height for competition is 4’6″.  Dogs may enter the competition at any height after this, but in order to advance to the next round, they must get the bumper to release from the “EV Rig” in their 2 attempts.  The bumper is raised in 2″ increments until there is only one dog remaining.  During this event, you have 60 seconds for the jump to be executed and the handler may place the dog anywhere in front of the 20ft. line on the dock.

Speed Retrieve (SR)

The latest discipline to be added, Speed Retrieve involves running, jumping and swimming.  A bumper is hung at the end of the pool or 38′ from the dock in lake/pond events.  The handler places the dog at the 20ft. mark on the dock, once set, the handler notifies that they are ready.  When given the signal (lights or “Go” command), the handler releases the dog, who runs, jumps from the dock, and swims and grabs the bumper.  Retrieving the bumper is not a requirement, but the bumper must be cleanly released from the extender.    Time is recorded from the signal to when the bumper is completely released from the hanging apparatus.

Iron Dog

An Iron Dog is one who competes in all 3 disciplines above.  Points are awarded based on scores achieved.  You must enter at least one wave in all three disciplines to qualify and must register as an Iron Dog.

Mission Statement

Carolina DockDogs strives to be a model and educate the public to the importance of proper care, health, and safety of responsible pet ownership. It is our intent to use the opportunity to promote the sport to support local causes.

We Will Come To You

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